Explaining Postmodernism


Explaining Postmodernism:
Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault

By Stephen R. C. Hicks
Professor of Philosophy

English editions:

First edition: two hardcover and eight softcover printings from 2004-2010 by Scholargy Publishing.
First edition Kindle e-book published 2010.
Expanded hardcover edition published in 2011 by Ockham’s Razor.
Kindle expanded edition published in 2011.explicando-pos-modernismo-150
Audiobook version published April 2013: MP3 and YouTube links below.


Portuguese translation by Silvana
Vieira published by Callis Editora (São Paulo, Brazil, 2011). Also in e-book editions at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and iTunes.
Serbo-Croatian translation of Chapter One by Alma Causevic (2012).
Persian translation by H.P. Safir, Khatereh Zohrabi, and Farzaneh Ehsani published by Qoqnoos Publishing (Tehran, Iran, 2013). ep-spanish-front-150[Sample pages.] [Also this second translation into Farsi.]
Swedish translation published by Timbro (Stockholm, Sweden, 2014).
Spanish translation published by Barbarroja Ediciones (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2014).
Polish translation forthcoming in 2015.
Hindi translation forthcoming in 2016.

The First Edition text:

Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault [pdf]

The Chapters and Sections:

Frontmatter [pdf]
Table of Contents [pdf]
Chapter One: What Postmodernism Is ep-persian-cover-150[pdf] [mp3] [YouTube]
Chapter Two: The Counter-Enlightenment Attack on Reason [pdf] [mp3] [YouTube]
Chapter Three: The Twentieth-Century Collapse of Reason [pdf] [mp3] [YouTube]
Chapter Four: The Climate of Collectivism [pdf] [mp3] [YouTube]
Chapter Five: The Crisis of Socialism [pdf] [mp3] [YouTube]
Chapter Six: Postmodern Strategy [pdf] [mp3] [YouTube]
Bibliography [pdf] [html]
ep-ed-front-cover-150pxIndex [pdf]
Acknowledgments [pdf]

The Tables and Charts:

Chart 1.1: Defining Pre-modernism and Modernism
Chart 1.2: The Enlightenment Vision [pdf]
Chart 1.3: Defining Pre-modernism, Modernism, and Postmodernism
Chart 5.1: Marxism on the Logic of Capitalism
Chart 5.2: Total Livestock in the Soviet Union
Chart 5.3: Gross Physical Output for Selected Food Items
Chart 5.4: Deaths from Democide Compared to Deaths from International War, 1900-1987ep-swedish-full-150px
Chart 5.5: Left Terrorist Groups’ Founding Dates
Chart 5.6: The Evolution of Socialist Strategies [gif]

Detailed Table of Contents.

The Scholarly Reviews:

Professor Curtis Hancock in The Review of Metaphysics (and can be read online here).
Professor Gary Jason in Liberty [also online here.]
Professor Marcus Verhaegh in The Independent Review.
Dr. David Gordon in The Mises Review.
Professor Max Hocutt in The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies.
Professor Edvard Lorkovic in Philosophy in Review. ep-audio-150px
Professor Steven M. Sanders in Reason Papers.

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49 thoughts on “Explaining Postmodernism”

  1. Dr. Hicks,
    This book is by far the most helpful resource I have ever come across for understanding why the world is turning to a direction that I cannot comprehend. In fact I would say this is the most influential book I have ever read and yet you offer it up for free. Incredible. There are so few philosophers in academia that defend rationality, you really are noble in your effort to promote reason. You are a revitalizing and refreshing in your content and efficient and eloquent in your presentation. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to read the rest of your works and greatly look forward to your future publications.

    The purpose of my email is to ask you if there is any way I can purchase a signed copy of your book “Explaining Postmodernism”? I plan on homeschooling my two boys, and when they come of age, this book will be on the mandatory reading list. Because this book so clearly states the philosophies that lead up to the postmodernist movement and accurately exposes the true nature of the irrationality, I am able to teach my children to identify irrational concepts and teach them to avoid the logical pitfalls of postmodern philosophy.

    Thank you again. I am not a philosopher, and I am not even close to your level in any regard. I am only 27 and have not yet started college, so my compliments may seem empty… But I do think deeply about life and I seek to find the truth to understand ethical concepts and to understand the nature of existence and I truly value the ability to have access to your ideas.


    Randall Weekes

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