Lectures on Philosophy of Education

My Philosophy of Education course lectures on video. This fifteen-part video course covers key philosophical issues that bear directly upon education. We discuss the works of major philosophersapple-88x50 — Plato, Locke, Kant, Dewey, Montessori, and others — who have influenced education greatly, and we compare several systems of educational philosophy — Existentialism, Objectivism, Marxism, Postmodernism, and others — including their implications for education in practice.
Full playlists of the lectures are also at YouTube.

How Can We Make Entrepreneurs?

“How Can We Make Entrepreneurs?” [pdf]. In Shawn E. Klein, editor, Steve Jobs and Philosophy, Open Court, 2015.

Educating for Entrepreneurship

“Educating for Entrepreneurship”. CEE Working Paper Series #4. Also available in Portuguese translation as “Educando para o empreendedorismo” and in Polish translation as “Edukacja dla przedsiębiorczości” in Przegląd Pedagogiczny.

Global Problems Are Too Big for Little Kids

wsj_62x50“Global Problems Are Too Big for Little Kids” [pdf]. The Wall Street Journal, April 1991. Also available in German translation and in a five-minute reading in audio format. An abbreviated version was published in Reader’s Digest.

Free Speech and Postmodernism

02navigator_50x65“Free Speech and Postmodernism: Why Group Warfare Has Replaced Academic Debate”. Navigator, 2002. Also in PDF at The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education or my site. Also in Korean translation, German translation, in a 26-page monograph edition, and in e-book format at Amazon.

Excellence in Education

decus_50x65“Excellence in Education”. Decus, 2004 [pdf]. A short essay written for students embarking upon their college careers.


The Montessori Method

My lectures and other links on the system of education begun by Maria Montessori.

Socratic Teaching

Socratic Teaching: Introduction, materials, and other sources.

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