Why Art Became Ugly

Navigator (Volume 7, Number 7), September 2004.
Translations: German [pdf], Korean [pdf], Spanish, and Portuguese. Polish translation forthcoming.

The Next Revolution in Art

My 2015 lecture in Hong Kong. Translation into Cantonese.

Taking Modern Artists at Their Word

Published in The Good Life series at, September 2014. Translation into Portuguese.

The Most Important Artist of the Century

The Good Life series at, December 2014. Translation into Portuguese.

Does Martin Creed Speak for All of Us?

On Creed’s 2016 retrospective at New York’s Armory, and what the sad-sack irritant’s significance is for the contemporary art world.

Post-Postmodern Art

Originally published in The Newberry Manifesto, 2001. Also available in a reprint version with images of the relevant works [pdf]. Slide show version with images [PowerPoint]. Serbo-Croatian translation [pdf] by Alma Causevic. Arabic translation by Moin Jaffar Mohammed.

Two Views on Cinema and Capitalism

Interview with Prodos Marinakis, Secretary of the Australian Council of Film Societies.


All of my art-related posts. Samples: * The best religious conservative song ever. * Aristotle at Pixar Animation Studios. * The difficulties of being/not being an artist. * How great artists become great — Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky. * Competing epistemological imperatives in the arts. * Kant and Modern Art.

For use in my courses, my Art Images page.

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