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Davidson on rent control as “perverse”

A good journalistic piece in The New York Times: “The Perverse Effects of Rent Regulation.” (Thanks to R.M. for the link.) Rent control is a classic case of bad economics and bad ethics. The bad economics is ignorance of unintended … Continue reading

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Telecommunications — the FCC’s ‘Fairness Doctrine’ [Business Ethics Cases series]

My video lecture on the Federal Communications Commission’s controversial “Fairness Doctrine,” part of the Business Ethics Cases series. Contents: 1. The early days of radio and a tragedy of the commons. 2. What is fairness? Two competing answers. 3. The … Continue reading

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Two cautionary tales about cholera, the plague, and politics

The plague hit London again in the hot summer of 1665. Panic struck and rumors abounded about its cause. The Lord Mayor of London was convinced of one theory: the plague was spread by cats and dogs. So he ordered … Continue reading

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