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Is the law of diminishing marginal utility true?

In my view, there are no a priori truths anywhere in the universe. But here I want to ask: Is the Law of Diminishing Utility even true? Returns diminish in many cases — but not all — and if diminishing returns is not universal, it can’t be a “law.” Continue reading

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Are Austrian economists anti-empirical?

An instructive trio of essays by economists at Cato Unbound about Austrian economics’ reputation — especially Mises’s praxeological version — for being strongly a priori rationalist: Is Austrian economics anti-empiricist? Steve Horwitz says no. Bryan Caplan says yes. George Selgin … Continue reading

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Ronald Hamowy, R.I.P.

Ronald Hamowy has died. He was a student of Friedrich Hayek’s, educated at the University of Chicago, historian, libertarian, Cato fellow, and emeritus professor at the University of Alberta in Canada. I knew him slightly as my editor when I … Continue reading

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Bleeding-heart libertarianism?

Jumping into the debate about “bleeding-heart libertarianism” (Matt Zwolinski and John Tomasi, Bryan Caplan and again, David Friedman, David Henderson, and others), which seeks to integrate libertarianism with social justice. “Social justice” is one of those vaguely-specified, usually suspect phrases, … Continue reading

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Do conservatives value economic liberty?

The question matters because many smart libertarians and conservatives, Bryan Caplan included, are wondering whether the two groups can overcome their differences, either for short-term coalitions on particular issues and elections or to create a longer-term movement. My view is … Continue reading

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Talk at Liberty Fund on art and free markets

Earlier this week I gave a talk in Indianapolis at the excellent Liberty Fund on whether free-market capitalism is good or bad for art. The question matters in today’s intellectual context because thinkers on both left and right argue regularly … Continue reading

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