Philosophicalish Humor:

athens-lost-warWhat I Have Learned about the History of Philosophy from My Students.

“Should I Marry You?” Answers From the Philosophers.

Existentialism meets high-tech.

From the Office of the Reproducer-General.

Professor Walsh gives an “A” to a Jain monk.

Computing’s environmental impact.

blazek-loose-partsThe best footnote ever.


Zach Weiner’s cartoon metaphysics.

On affairs with older women.

Lewis Thomas’s classic “Notes on Punctuation.”

The most philosophical state in the union.

Aristotle with a Bust of Homer, Then and Now.

Religion in America, 2009.

chicken-road-cartoonShoes and wisdom.

Facial hair and philosophers.

Artistic slogan generator.

Syphilis and friendly ethnic relations.

Angst, the void, and cuisine.

Schopenhauer’s sense of humor.

treefallPhilosophers’ Christmas carols.

W. K. Clifford on philosophical writing style.

Dueling billboards, Oklahoma style.

Grumpy grammar guy.

How to insult like an Elizabethan.

Puritan Valentine’s Day thoughts.

Philosophy’s longest sentences: Locke, Kant, Aristotle, Mill, Bentham.

Coexist or Uncoexist?

Humor: Herbert von Karajan and God.


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