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Kant and socialism, according to Cassirer

Ernst Cassirer (1874-1945) was a leading neo-Kantian philosopher. He trained under Hermann Cohen (1842–1918), a founder and leader of the Marburg school of neo-Kantianism, which was perhaps the most dominant school of philosophy in the German academic world in the … Continue reading

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Descartes’ reaction to Galileo’s conviction

The philosopher René Descartes in 1633: “I inquired in Leiden and Amsterdam whether Galileo’s World System was available, for I thought I’d heard that it was published in Italy last year. I was told that it had indeed been published … Continue reading

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Why Philosophy Begins with Thales

The standard claim is that philosophy begins with Thales. When I teach this to my students, it’s a hard sell, for here are the founding texts in philosophy — ascribed to Thales by Aristotle: “The first principle and basic nature … Continue reading

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Farsi translation of Nietzsche and the Nazis — cover image

The Farsi translation was published this month in Tehran, Iran. Much thanks to the translator, Mohsen Mahmoudi, to the publisher, Bourgeois Publishing in Teheran — and to everyone else involved in making this project happen. Here is information about all … Continue reading

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Heine versus Nietzsche on obscurantism in philosophy

To what extent is bad writing style, particularly bad academic style, a result of (a) poor skill, (b) affectation, (c) imitation, or (d) a tool to conceal the meaning and implications of one’s ideas? Heinrich Heine here lambasts many of … Continue reading

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Double insult — Rousseau and the French

Hugh Trevor-Roper was known for his biting polemical style. In a youthful fellowship essay he described Rousseau’s Confessions this way: “a lucid journal of a life so utterly degraded that it has been a bestseller in France ever since.”[1] Of … Continue reading

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Kostyło on postmodern dialectic of social care

A fascinating article by a Polish philosopher, Professor Piotr Kostyło of the University of Casimir the Great. (Courtesy of the publisher, here is a PDF of Kostyło’s article.) Kostyło notes that this generation of postmodern thinkers seems to have turned … Continue reading

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Preface to Polish translation of *Nietzsche and the Nazis*

The Polish translation of Nietzsche and the Nazis was published by the Fundacji Fuhrmanna (Fuhrmann Foundation, 2014) as Nietzsche i naziści, moje spojrzenia. Here, in English, is the Preface to the Polish edition. Preface to the Polish translation Friedrich Nietzsche … Continue reading

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