Two essays on the organic theory of society and its uses

Two related essays worth reading at the Library of Social Science site. Both take up the biologically-collectivist Organic Theory of Society and its recent applications to politics and public policy.

Gerald V. O’Brien, Ph.D., “Social Justice Implications of the Organism Metaphor.” Abstract: “The denigration of marginalized groups is frequently supported through the widespread employment of metaphors that present a pejorative image of the group in question. The organism metaphor, wherein the target group is portrayed as a threat to the integrity of the social body, is a particularly important metaphoric theme in the advancement of social injustice. Drawing largely from primary source documents, this paper provides an overview of the organism metaphor as it has been employed historically to denigrate various social subgroups.”

Richard A. Koenigberg, Ph.D., “Nationalism, Nazism—Genocide.” Excerpt: “Hitler’s ideology grew out of his fantasy of the German nation as an actual organism, or body (politic). ‘Our movement alone,’ Hitler declared, ‘was capable of creating a national organism.’ In place of the State, Hitler said, must be set ‘the living organism — the people.’ Hitler conceived of Germany as a body politic consisting of German people as its cells.”

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