Thankful: wealth and life expectancy

Something to be thankful for: All those productive people who created the wealth that has enable so many of us to live longer and more fully.

I love this data map from Gapminder correlating life expectancy with wealth (click for full size):


And encouraging numbers over at Forbes (via R.M.): Avik Roy looks at cancer survival rates among the wealthiest countries and notes that the USA does well despite having three healthcare systems, not one.

2 thoughts on “Thankful: wealth and life expectancy

  • October 28, 2014 at 11:00 am

    Your health is not good, and lame excuses like “breast_cancer_5-year_survival_rate” is just “cherry picking”. You are not doing good at all at
    unmet_care_need_due_to_costs , hospital_beds_per_1000_population and at the main thing – life expectancy

    of course if you look only at the rich which have good insurance, you are quite well, but not if you look at all the people in the U.S. and you also have the a very wide gaps – 18 years between life expectancy of the poor and the rich, unlike any other country.

    Sure it’s not only because of health system. Its also because of lack of preventive medicine, over use of cars (lack of good public transportation), and wide gaps in social and economic status. If you think stress is not a social thing, or that violence is not related to mental health – you should do some reading. Try – The Spirit Level

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