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Deregulation? The Federal Register’s size

Following up on my post entitled “When was the financial sector deregulated?” Another crude measure of regulation or deregulation is to count the number of pages in the U.S. Federal Register. The Federal Register is the government’s daily publication of … Continue reading

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Defending Shylock

My essay, “Defending Shylock: Productive Work in Financial Markets,” is now available in pamphlet form at Amazon. The essay is also available for free at the Social Science Research Network. In this essay I discuss the great value that financial … Continue reading

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Defending Shylock

A formal publication of my “Defending Shylock: Productive Work in Financial Markets” is forthcoming this spring. For now, here is a draft version [pdf] of the sixteen-page essay. From the Introduction: “Ambivalent attitudes about financial markets are as old as … Continue reading

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