Professor Larry Hickman to speak at Rockford University

hickman-flyerLarry Hickman is a leading authority on the philosophy of John Dewey. Professor Hickman is a professor of philosophy at Southern Illinois University, has written and edited multiple books on Dewey, and is the director for the Dewey Center at SIUC.

At Rockford University, he is giving a campus-wide talk entitled “Teaching About Religion in a Globalizing Culture.”

Time: Thursday, April 10, at 4 p.m.
Location: Fisher Chapel (Rockford University campus map).

Professor Hickman’s talk is sponsored by the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship and organized by my colleague Dr. Matthew Flamm. More about Dr. Hickman is here.

Fundraising campaign for 2012

sidebarReaders of this site know that in addition to my philosophy professorship I am the Executive Director of the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship. We have launched a fundraising campaign for our 2012 activities.

We are proud of what we have accomplished in our first four academic years — new courses on entrepreneurship, business ethics, and free markets, 19 issues of our Kaizen newsletter with its extended interviews with leading entrepreneurs, and our Templeton Freedom Award for excellent program development.

So please see CEE’s Annual Report and consider supporting the Center’s continued activities.

Our hardworking staff and I have more in the works, but good education is expensive, and we would be pleased to have your support.

Kaizen 16 — the Jack Stack interview

The latest issue of Kaizen features my interview with the Jack Stack, CEO of Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation, k16-stack-cover-110px one of the great turnaround success stories of this generation. The theme of the interview is Entrepreneurship and Open-book Management, of which Stack is a pioneer. Related post on Stack here.

Also featured in Kaizen are the latest student essay contest winners — Sarah Boykin, Bethany Borgmann, and Shelly Wenzel — a report on guest speakers Michael Strong and Magatte Wade, and other news from the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship.

If you would like to receive a complimentary issue of the print version of Kaizen, please email your name and postal address to CEE [at] Rockford [dot] edu.

burpee-nightMore Kaizen interviews with leading entrepreneurs are at my site here or CEE’s site here.

Enron and political entrepreneurship

My full interview with Dr. Robert Bradley is now posted at the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship site.

enronlogo-150x161Most journalistic accounts of the Enron mess focus on the accounting manipulations toward the end and miss the politicized business strategy and public-relations corporate culture that got Enron into trouble in the first place.

Robert Bradley worked at Enron for 16 years. For Enron’s last seven years he was director of public policy research. In that role he worked directly with Enron’s CEO, Ken Lay, for whom he also wrote speeches. Lay was convicted in 2005 of fraud and conspiracy.

Last month about one-third of my interview with Bradley was published in Kaizen. So for all the insider details Dr. Bradley has to offer about Lay, Jeff Skilling, Andy Fastow, and the other key players, enjoy the full interview.

Two lectures in Alexandria, Virginia

alexandria-100x133I’m giving two talks later this week in historic Alexandria, Virginia, at the Free Minds 2010 conference, co-sponsored by The Atlas Society and the Free Minds Institute.

On Friday I’ll speak on “Ayn Rand’s Entrepreneurial Ethic,” and on Saturday I’ll speak on “CEE‘s Mission and Strategy.”

Douglas Rasmussen to speak at Rockford College

spring-2010-speakers-100pxOn Friday, April 23 and Monday, April 26, philosopher Douglas Rasmussen will speak at Rockford College on Aristotle, ethics, and philosophy. Dr. Rasmussen is Professor of Philosophy at St. John’s University in New York. He received his Ph.D. from Marquette University and is the co-author of Norms of Liberty: A Perfectionist Basis for Non-Perfectionist Politics, Liberalism Defended: The Challenge of Post-Modernity, and many other works.

For venue details, please contact CEE [at] Rockford [dot] edu.

The image above links to a jpeg version of the flyer for all of this semester’s guest speakers. For the pdf, click here. Dr. Rasmussen’s talk is sponsored by the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship.

William Kline on David Hume’s ethics

David Hume is the most influential dead philosopher, according to a recent vote by contemporary philosophers.

William Kline of the University of Illinois, Springfield, is an expert on Hume, and he gave a talk recently at Rockford College on Hume’s ethical theory. Here is my follow-up interview with him:

Dr. Kline also spoke at Rockford College on market-based business ethics. His visit was sponsored by the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship.

William Kline on market-based business ethics

Dr. William Kline, Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies at the University of Illinois, Springfield, gave two talks this month at Rockford College. Here is my follow-up interview with him on the main points of his talk on business ethics (3 clips):

The talk was sponsored by the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship, and the above video is cross-posted at CEE’s site.

Related: My interview with Professor Kline on David Hume, who, according to a recent vote by contemporary philosophers, is the most influential dead philosopher.