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A fun quiz for Che Guevara Day

Che Guevara was killed on October 9, 1967, so here is a quiz to test your knowledge of his guiding principles. (Click to enlarge.) For why our Che problem is more philosophical and less political, here is my article — … Continue reading

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The man who spared Hitler’s life in WW I

Here is Henry Tandey of Warwickshire, UK, the most highly-decorated private in World War One. The following link is to an intriguing “What-if history” anecdote about Tandey, who crossed paths with Adolf Hitler in the war and decided not to … Continue reading

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On Hitler’s degree of intellectualism

I was struck by this reflection on the history of philosophy, made by Adolf Hitler, who read voraciously when young and especially during his prison time in the 1920s: “In the Great Hall of the Linz Library are the busts … Continue reading

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Republicar “Mein Kampf” é a decisão correta?

As autoridades alemãs permitirão a reimpressão da obra Mein Kampf (tradução oficial, Minha Luta) de Adolf Hitler, após décadas de censura. Pessoas decentes podem argumentar que o livro é muito perigoso para ser publicado. Mas o fato é que Mein Kampf é muito perigoso para não ser publicado. O … Continue reading

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O renascimento do nazismo na Europa – não é somente racismo

Um antigo fantasma está novamente assombrando a Europa — movimentos e partidos políticos neofascistas e neonazistas estão voltando à tona. Essa reportagem no The Guardian destaca um aumento nos ataques aos judeus na França, Alemanha e Holanda. Mais ao leste … Continue reading

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Interview with director Jeffrey van Davis on Heidegger and Nazism

Following up on an earlier post about Only a God Can Save Us, here in four parts is my 40-minute interview with van Davis about his documentary on philosopher Martin Heidegger and his involvement with National Socialism: van Davis’s documentary … Continue reading

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Third printing of DVD documentary Nietzsche and the Nazis

The third printing (!) of the 2006 documentary is now officially available at Amazon and at a new, lower price. Here is a full image of the cover wrap of the third printing. (And of course, this being the Christmas … Continue reading

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Famous anti-smoking activists from history

Here is a fascinating short article in the British Journal of Medicine by Robert N. Proctor, professor of the history of medicine at Penn State University: “The anti-smoking campaigns of the Nazis: a little known aspect of public health in … Continue reading

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