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On Hitler’s degree of intellectualism

I was struck by this reflection on the history of philosophy, made by Adolf Hitler, who read voraciously when young and especially during his prison time in the 1920s: “In the Great Hall of the Linz Library are the busts … Continue reading

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Republicar “Mein Kampf” é a decisão correta?

As autoridades alemãs permitirão a reimpressão da obra Mein Kampf (tradução oficial, Minha Luta) de Adolf Hitler, após décadas de censura. Pessoas decentes podem argumentar que o livro é muito perigoso para ser publicado. Mas o fato é que Mein Kampf é muito perigoso para não ser publicado. O … Continue reading

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O renascimento do nazismo na Europa – não é somente racismo

Um antigo fantasma está novamente assombrando a Europa — movimentos e partidos políticos neofascistas e neonazistas estão voltando à tona. Essa reportagem no The Guardian destaca um aumento nos ataques aos judeus na França, Alemanha e Holanda. Mais ao leste … Continue reading

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Interview with director Jeffrey van Davis on Heidegger and Nazism

Following up on an earlier post about Only a God Can Save Us, here in four parts is my 40-minute interview with van Davis about his documentary on philosopher Martin Heidegger and his involvement with National Socialism: van Davis’s documentary … Continue reading

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Third printing of DVD documentary Nietzsche and the Nazis

The third printing (!) of the 2006 documentary is now officially available at Amazon and at a new, lower price. Here is a full image of the cover wrap of the third printing. (And of course, this being the Christmas … Continue reading

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Famous anti-smoking activists from history

Here is a fascinating short article in the British Journal of Medicine by Robert N. Proctor, professor of the history of medicine at Penn State University: “The anti-smoking campaigns of the Nazis: a little known aspect of public health in … Continue reading

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The book version of Nietzsche and the Nazis

… is forthcoming in August and is now available for pre-order at Amazon. It will be published in both hardcover and Kindle formats. The image is a gray-scale version of the cover. The book version is based on the script … Continue reading

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Marxism = Nazism (another datum)

Baader-Meinhof was a far Left terrorist group, and one of the most violent, killing dozens and maiming more during the 1970s. Its “official” name was Rote Armee Fraktion (“Red Army Faction”). The logo shows a nice big socialist red star … Continue reading

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