Is Religion True, Reasonable, or Good? A Debate

theist-vs-atheistTheist vs. Atheist: What Should You Believe? A seven-part debate series between two columnists, John C. Wright and Stephen R. C. Hicks, in which they argue key issues in religion.

Philosophy and Religion

Why Philosophy Begins With Thales: Why Thales’s intellectual revolution marks the Greek transition from a religiously-based worldview to a philosophical one. Homer’s epic literary work, The Iliad, provides a contrast to Thales’s surviving aphorisms.


Three lecture clips :
Kierkegaard, Luther, and Tertullian
The story of Abraham
Kierkegaard’s lesson: Abraham as model of faith.

Arguments For and Against the Existence of a God

The Argument from Design
The Argument from Evil

Original Sin and Human Nature

Augustine on why babies are evil: St. Augustine’s explanation of Original Sin, with some problems and questions.
Self-esteem in Walt Whitman and C. S. Lewis.
Freud and original sin: includes a comparison of Lewis’s and Freud’s views on human nature.

On Religious Intolerance

St. Thomas Aquinas on whether sinners should be killed or heretics tolerated.
How to Tame Religious Terrorists.

On the Conflict of Science and Religion

Galileo and the Modern Compromise: Galileo’s influential argument for why religion, properly understood, does not conflict with science — and why, therefore, religious leaders should end their persecution of independent thinkers.

Religion and Economics

Pope Francis, C. S. Lewis, and Christian economics.