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Forthcoming Projects:

Kaizen forthcoming issues: Zol Cendes (February 2014), Billy Yeatts, Lall Singh.

Polish translation of Nietzsche and the Nazis in March 2014.

Swedish and Spanish translations of Explaining Postmodernism in 2014.

An essay on “Friedrich Nietzsche’s Politics of Genius and Its Challenge for Liberal-Democratic Europe,” co-authored with Przemysław Zientkowski of Nicholas Copernicus University.

Current Projects:

Upcoming talks (2014):

March 4, Ventura, CA, The Representational Art Conference. Topic: “Why Philosophy Matters to Representational Art.”

March 5, Thousand Oaks, CA, California Lutheran University. Topic: “Postmodernism and Its Discontents.”

March 13-15, Indianapolis, IN, Liberty Fund Socratic Seminar. Topic: David Rose’s The Moral Foundation of Economic Behavior. speaker-action-145

April 3, Stockholm, Sweden, Timbro. Topic: Release of Swedish translation of Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault (Swedish title: Postmodernismens Förklaring).

April 4, Stockholm, Sweden, The Sture Academy. Topic: TBD.

April 15, Las Vegas, NV. APEE Conference. Topic: “Is Freedom a Subjective Value?”

May 15, Toruń, Poland, Nicolas Copernicus University. Topic: “Two Narratives of Modernity.”

May 16, Bydgoszcz, Poland, University of Casimir the Great. Topic: “Philosophy and Educating for Entrepreneurship.”

May 19, Gdańsk, Poland, Gdańsk University. Topic: “Ethics and the Arguments for and against Liberalism.”

May 22: Lisbon, Portugal, Institute for Political Studies, Catholic University of Portugal. Topic: TBD.

June 19-22, Manchester, NH, Atlas Summit. Topic: “Corruption in Business—Does Regulation Lessen or Increase It?”

Book chapter on “Entrepreneurship, Ethics, and Public Policy.”

I am working with producer Anurag Wadehra and project manager Steven Bilow on a documentary project titled Artistic Genius: When It Flourishes. Talking heads include artist Michael Newberry and architect John Gillis. Location shots in Europe — north and south Holland, Paris and Giverny, Florence, and Magna Graecia — done in 2012. Here is the one-sheet project description for the documentary [pdf].

A series of essays on ethics, entrepreneurship, and political economy for a book-in-progress with the working title Philosophy for Economists.


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