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Heidegger and National Socialism

Given Heidegger’s towering presence in the landscape of 20th-century philosophy and “deep ecology” environmentalism, How Green Were the Nazis? is an important book.

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Why are philosophers stupid about politics?

In a portrait of the philosopher George Santayana, literary essayist Joseph Epstein asks a question about philosophers: “What is it about the study of philosophy that tends to make brilliant minds stupid when it comes down to what are known … Continue reading

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Berman: From what ghastly depths come fascism and communism?

Via Edward Fox, a quotation from Paul Berman’s (recommended) Terror and Liberalism: “In the years around 1950, writers from several parts of the world set out to produce a new literature of political analysis, different from any political literature of … Continue reading

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Collectivizing sex — Alexandra Kollontai’s communist version

In an earlier post on the Nazis’ efforts to collectivize sex and family life, I quoted from Dr. Franz Hamburger’s address to the German Medical Profession. As further evidence that Nazis and Communists are two variations on a common theme, … Continue reading

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Rousseau’s five children

In an earlier post I asked, Who is the most loathsome philosopher in history? I suggested that Rousseau and Heidegger be considered top candidates. Some more data relevant to Rousseau: He made his common-law wife leave all five of their … Continue reading

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The Twentieth-Century Collapse of Reason [EP audiobook]

This is the third chapter of the audiobook version of Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault. Chapter Three: The Twentieth-Century Collapse of Reason [mp3] [YouTube] [50 minutes] Heidegger’s synthesis of the Continental tradition [mp3] [YouTube] Setting aside … Continue reading

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Texts in Philosophy

Alphabetical by Author: Aristotle, excerpts from Book 7 of Politics. Tom Beauchamp: “McAleer v. AT&T“, “Manufacture and Regulation of Laetrile”, “The FCC’s ‘Fairness Doctrine’”, “Putting the Squeeze on Citrus Hill Orange Juice”. Albert Camus, “The Myth of Sisyphus” (1942). Daniel … Continue reading

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The most important works in 20th century philosophy

Here are two lists based on philosopher Douglas Lackey’s 1999 survey of philosophers. The results were published in The Philosophical Forum. Interesting that the full lists are dominated by works in epistemology. Metaphysics and ethics are less represented by a … Continue reading

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