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Heidegger and National Socialism

Given Heidegger’s towering presence in the landscape of 20th-century philosophy and “deep ecology” environmentalism, How Green Were the Nazis? is an important book. Continue reading

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Zientkowski’s foreword to *Nietzsche and the Nazis*

Dr. Przemysław Zientkowski’s foreword to the Polish edition of my Nietzsche and the Nazis, translated into English. A PDF version is here, and the HTML version follows. Foreword to the Polish edition of Stephen Hicks’s Nietzsche and the Nazis By … Continue reading

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Why are philosophers stupid about politics?

In a portrait of the philosopher George Santayana, literary essayist Joseph Epstein asks a question about philosophers: “What is it about the study of philosophy that tends to make brilliant minds stupid when it comes down to what are known … Continue reading

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Berman: From what ghastly depths come fascism and communism?

Via Edward Fox, a quotation from Paul Berman’s (recommended) Terror and Liberalism: “In the years around 1950, writers from several parts of the world set out to produce a new literature of political analysis, different from any political literature of … Continue reading

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Collectivizing sex — Alexandra Kollontai’s communist version

In an earlier post on the Nazis’ efforts to collectivize sex and family life, I quoted from Dr. Franz Hamburger’s address to the German Medical Profession. As further evidence that Nazis and Communists are two variations on a common theme, … Continue reading

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Rousseau’s five children

In an earlier post I asked, Who is the most loathsome philosopher in history? I suggested that Rousseau and Heidegger be considered top candidates. Some more data relevant to Rousseau: He made his common-law wife leave all five of their … Continue reading

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The Twentieth-Century Collapse of Reason [EP audiobook]

This is the third chapter of the audiobook version of Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault. Chapter Three: The Twentieth-Century Collapse of Reason [mp3] [YouTube] [50 minutes] Heidegger’s synthesis of the Continental tradition [mp3] [YouTube] Setting aside … Continue reading

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Texts in Philosophy

Alphabetical by Author: Aristotle, Poetics, excerpts from Book 7 of Politics. Tom Beauchamp: “McAleer v. AT&T“, “Manufacture and Regulation of Laetrile”, “The FCC’s ‘Fairness Doctrine’”, “Putting the Squeeze on Citrus Hill Orange Juice”. “Hooker Chemical and Love Canal”. Albert Camus, … Continue reading

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