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Heidegger and postmodernism [EP]

[This excerpt is from Chapter 3 of Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault] Heidegger’s synthesis of the Continental tradition Martin Heidegger took Hegelian philosophy and gave it a personal, phenomenological twist. Heidegger is notorious for the obscurity … Continue reading

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The Fountainhead’s Gordon Prescott—Heidegger’s disciple?

Re-reading The Fountainhead made me wonder: Is the character Gordon Prescott based on Martin Heidegger’s philosophy? Continue reading

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Heidegger and National Socialism

Given Heidegger’s towering presence in the landscape of 20th-century philosophy and “deep ecology” environmentalism, How Green Were the Nazis? is an important book. Continue reading

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The Fountainhead (Introduction to Philosophy this week)

In my Introduction to Philosophy course this week we are reading and discussing The Fountainhead, a great novel on the themes of independence and integrity. In Part One, Rand’s primary purpose is to contrast the characters Howard Roark and Peter … Continue reading

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Texts in Philosophy — early 2015 additions

For use in my courses, additions to my Texts in Philosophy page. All files are PDFs. “Arachne and Athena.” James Buchanan, “Public Choice: Politics without Romance,” Policy Magazine (2003). Martin Heidegger, “Reunion Speech” (1934). HTML version here. Heinrich Himmler, “Speech … Continue reading

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Loyalty to your first great intellectual love

Will Altman: “It is perfectly natural to feel loyalty to the thinker who set you to thinking, to the writer whose writings first made you a careful and devoted reader, and whose example inspired your own way of life as … Continue reading

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A liberdade de expressão está morta nas universidades?

Tempos difíceis para a liberdade de expressão. Há um século, a Alemanha era uma nação autoritária. O Kaiser Guilherme II estava presidindo as forças da nação na 1º Guerra Mundial, enquanto o jovem Adolf Hitler estava trabalhando para ser ele … Continue reading

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Republicar “Mein Kampf” é a decisão correta?

As autoridades alemãs permitirão a reimpressão da obra Mein Kampf (tradução oficial, Minha Luta) de Adolf Hitler, após décadas de censura. Pessoas decentes podem argumentar que o livro é muito perigoso para ser publicado. Mas o fato é que Mein Kampf é muito perigoso para não ser publicado. O … Continue reading

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