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Transcript of “13 arguments for liberal capitalism in 13 minutes”

With much thanks to Matheus Pacini for his work on the transcription, below is the text for my “13 arguments for liberal capitalism in 13 minutes.” The original videos are at YouTube. The graphic integration of the arguments in a … Continue reading

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Is everyone selfish? Hannah Arendt quotation

How some political ideologies depend on the self-induced selflessness of their members. Here is Arendt in The Origins of Totalitarianism speaking of both Nazism and Communism: “How little the masses were driven by the famous instinct for self-preservation … . … Continue reading

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Article published: “Friedrich Nietzsche’s politics of genius”

Przemysław Zientkowski (Nicholas Copernicus University) and I have a co-authored article (in English) now out in the Polish journal, Ruch Filozoficzny (and available here). The full title of the article is “Friedrich Nietzsche’s Politics of Genius and Its Challenge for … Continue reading

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Frederick Douglass and Adam Smith

Frederick Douglass’s connection to the British Enlightenment. Via David Henderson and David Beito, here is an excerpt from a letter Douglass wrote on November 17, 1864: “The old doctrine that the slavery of the black, is essential to the freedom … Continue reading

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Robert Heilbroner on socialism’s mandatory labor

Robert Heilbroner was perhaps the most famous American socialist intellectual of the 20th century. His The Worldly Philosophers sold millions, making it the second-best-selling economics textbook of all time. In my Business and Economic Ethics course, we read and discuss … Continue reading

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Heidegger and World War One — Altman’s book

The “Heidegger Wars” are an academic battle about the significance of Martin Heidegger’s Nazism. I’ve started reading William H. F. Altman’s Martin Heidegger and the First World War: Being and Time as Funeral Oration, which opens with this question: “Was … Continue reading

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Dancing in communist China

I’ve been enjoying Qiu Xiaolong‘s series of mystery novels set in Shanghai in the 1990s. One thing I like is Xiaolong’s ability to recreate a culture in transition, with characters of the generation of the Cultural Revolution interacting with characters … Continue reading

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Links for “13 arguments for liberal capitalism in 13 minutes”

For my “13 Arguments for Liberal Capitalism in 13 Minutes (more or less)”, here are direct links for each individual argument: 1. Liberal capitalism increases freedom. 2. People work harder in liberal capitalist systems. 3. People work smarter under liberal … Continue reading

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