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Today is Liberalism Day

More information here about political truth in advertising, as I think of it. A list of signatories is here.

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“Philosophy and a Century of War” — transcript

Below is a transcription of the video available YouTube and Philosophy and a Century of War (transcription) Stephen R. C. Hicks Philosophy has a reputation for being abstract and difficult, which it certainly can be. It also has a … Continue reading

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Unauthorized book marketing — News Report

Imagine the following news report: ‘Children’s Publishing, Inc., has reached a $105 million settlement with several U.S. states over the unlawful market of its history books. The book publishing company did not admit wrongdoing but confirmed its agreement with 44 … Continue reading

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Entrepreneur and Un-entrepreneur characteristics

I’m a big fan of Arnold Kling and Nick Schulz’s From Poverty to Prosperity: Intangible Assets, Hidden Liabilities and the Lasting Triumph over Scarcity. I wrote about it here. It’s about Economics 2.0, as they call it, one key feature … Continue reading

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Aesop on politicians and rationalization

The Wolf and the Lamb A wolf came upon a lamb that had strayed from the flock, and he felt some compunction about taking the life of so helpless a creature without some excuse. So he cast about for a … Continue reading

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Liberal versus gender feminism: McElroy’s *Sexual Correctness*

In my Ethics course this week, we’re discussing the arguments for and against banning pornography. One of our readings is from Wendy McElroy’s Sexual Correctness: The Gender-Feminist Attack on Women. McElroy takes up the gender-feminist arguments against porn and contrasts … Continue reading

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Luigi Zingales on Keynesians

A zinger from Zingales: “Keynesianism has conquered the hearts and minds of politicians and ordinary people alike because it provides a theoretical justification for irresponsible behavior. Medical science has established that one or two glasses of wine per day are … Continue reading

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Texts in Philosophy — items added April 2014

Four articles from the 1989 debate sparked by federal funding for works by Robert Mapplethorpe and Andres Serrano. * Jesse Helms, “Amendment 420: The NEA Should Not Fund Obscenity” [pdf]. * Robert Hughes, “A Loony Parody of Cultural Democracy” [pdf]. … Continue reading

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