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David Horowitz on leaving the Left

In October 1980, David Horowitz wrote to his former mentor, Belgian-British leftist Ralph Miliband. A decade earlier, Horowitz had broken with the Left, both Old and New, becoming an apostate and, naturally enough, a non-person to his former comrades. As … Continue reading

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13 arguments for liberal capitalism in 13 minutes

The thirteen arguments are: 1. Liberal capitalism increases freedom. 2. People work harder in liberal capitalist systems. 3. People work smarter under liberal capitalism. 4. Liberalism increases individuality and creativity. 5. Liberal capitalism increases the average standard of living. 6. … Continue reading

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Conclusion: Nazi and Anti-Nazi Philosophies [N&N audiobook]

Part 8 of the audiobook version of my Nietzsche and the Nazis: A Personal View. Part 8. Nazi and Anti-Nazi Philosophies [mp3] [YouTube] [7  minutes] 40. Hindsight and future resolve [mp3] [YouTube] 41. Principled anti-Nazism [mp3] [YouTube] Previous: Part 1. … Continue reading

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The first 15 countries to grant women the vote

In chronological order: 1893 New Zealand 1902 Australia 1906 Finland 1913 Norway 1915 Denmark 1917 Canada 1918 Austria, Germany, Poland, Russia 1919 Netherlands 1920 United States 1921 Sweden 1928 Britain, Ireland All other countries in the world: Granted later or not yet granted. Interesting: Six of the fifteen are British or … Continue reading

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Video interview with Professor Nicholas Capaldi

Professor Capaldi lectured recently at Rockford University on the topic of “The Lockean Liberty Narrative versus the Rousseau Equality Narrative, and How These Narratives Explain Everything.” Afterward we discussed his themes — the conflict between the Lockean and Rousseauian narratives, … Continue reading

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The Sun King’s dying wish

I’m reading a biography of the father of the author of The Count of Monte Cristo. More about him in another post, but I was struck by this poignant passage: “King Louis XIV, the Sun King, died after seventy-two years … Continue reading

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Why did Bertrand Russell blame German fascism on German philosophy?

At Philosophy Now, Thomas Akehurst investigates why Bertrand Russell blamed German fascism on German philosophy: “What is less well known is that in the 1930s and 1940s Russell’s attention turned to the idea that the origins of Nazism were primarily … Continue reading

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More on philosophy and war: the Soviets in WW II

In “Philosophy and a Century of War,” I left the Soviet Union out of my discussion of World War II, for reasons not clear or convincing to everyone. So let me lay out my thought process. I started with a … Continue reading

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