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O Islã precisa de uma reforma?

Muitas pessoas espertas — incluindo Thomas Friedman no The New York Times, Naser Khader no Newsweek, John Lloyd no The Jerusalem Post, Ayann Hirsi Ali no The Wall Street Journal — estão esperando que algum tipo de Reforma ocorra no … Continue reading

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St. Augustine on “Righteous Persecution”

Some quotations and brief glosses on Augustine’s views on the use of persecution and torture in order to save souls. “No salvation outside the church.” (418 CE) “[M]any must first be recalled to their Lord by the stripes of temporal … Continue reading

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Are Reason and Faith Compatible? [new Theist vs. Atheist series column]

The opening of my latest column in the Theist vs. Atheist series debate at EveryJoe: “I appreciate Mr. Wright’s opening essay and am in agreement with substantial portions of it. “If we array religions along a spectrum from most to least rational, … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand e a ética empresarial contemporânea

Stephen R. C. Hicks, Ph. D. Tradução pro Matheus Pacini e revisão por Vinicius Cintra Originally published in English as “Ayn Rand and Contemporary Business Ethics”, Journal of Accounting, Ethics & Public Policy 3:1 (2003), pp. 1-26 Introdução: negócios e … Continue reading

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O ser humano é inerentemente mau?

“As pessoas são escória.” “A humanidade é um deserto moral.” “Eu tenho vergonha de ser humano.” Sempre quando os cínicos se expressam, fico tentado a retrucar que a filosofia é uma autobiografia e que eles deveriam colocar suas afirmações na … Continue reading

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Is Religion Worth Arguing About? [new Theist vs. Atheist series column]

The opening of my first column in the Theist vs. Atheist series debate at EveryJoe: “My answer is: Absolutely, yes, religion is worth arguing about. “We have all heard that in polite company we should not discuss sex, politics, business, or religion. Those topics are … Continue reading

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Update on new debate series on Religion, True or False?

The series of back-and-forth articles debating key issues in religion will begin tomorrow, Thursday, June 11. Our online host is, and my civil and friendly debate partner is John C. Wright, who has written widely on religion and related … Continue reading

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CBC discussion of corruption and power

Tomorrow morning I’ll be on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s “The Current” radio program, which according to its website is “Canada’s Most Listened-to Radio Program.” Our topic is whether power corrupts. The journalistic context is the recent FIFA scandal, scandals in … Continue reading

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