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下一輪藝術革命 (The Next Revolution in Art) — Cantonese translation of lecture in Hong Kong

[I gave a talk in July at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on “The Next Revolution in Art.” Here is the full, original English version. The following is Margaret Chik’s condensed translation into Cantonese.] 首先,回顧歷史有名的藝術城 Cases: A closer look at some great … Continue reading

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Galileo on religion and science (Introduction to Philosophy this week)

[This week in my Introduction to Philosophy course, we’re reading Galileo’s “Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina” — published exactly 400 years ago — in which he argues that free inquiry in the sciences is compatible with religion rightly understood. … Continue reading

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The Future of Art conference in New York — video

The international conference, Innovation, Substance, Vision — The Future of Art, was held at the Pierre Hotel in Manhattan in 2003 and hosted by the Foundation for the Advancement of Art. The speakers at the one-day conference were: Jan Koenderink, … Continue reading

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A fun quiz for Che Guevara Day

Che Guevara was killed on October 9, 1967, so here is a quiz to test your knowledge of his guiding principles. (Click to enlarge.) For why our Che problem is more philosophical and less political, here is my article — … Continue reading

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Video Interview with Professor Nicholas Capaldi — Transcript

Interview conducted at Rockford University by Stephen Hicks and sponsored by the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship. Hicks: Our guest today is Professor Nicholas Capaldi, who is the Legendre-Soulé Professor of Business Ethics at Loyola University in New Orleans. Professor … Continue reading

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The full Theist vs. Atheist debate series

Theist vs. Atheist — What Should You Believe? John C. Wright and I have completed our series of articles debating key issues in religion. The full seven-round series is available at’s dedicated page and here at my Theist vs. … Continue reading

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CBC discussion of corruption and power — audio

In June I participated in a discussion on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s “The Current” radio program, which according to its website is “Canada’s Most Listened-to Radio Program.” The topic was whether power corrupts. The journalistic context included the recent FIFA scandal, scandals in the … Continue reading

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The Next Revolution in Art — my lecture in Hong Kong

[In July 2015 I gave a talk at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on “The Next Revolution in Art.” The text of my talk follows.] Why art matters to us Art is a perennial human desire. We need and hunger … Continue reading

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