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John Dewey on Kant and the causes of World War I

1924 was the 200th anniversary of the birth of German philosopher Immanuel Kant, and American philosopher John Dewey was writing a series of essays reflecting on philosophy and current events. The series was published in book form in 1929 as … Continue reading

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Thomas Jefferson quotation against feudalism

Thomas Jefferson to Roger Weightman, on the planned celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence Monticello June 24. 26 Respected Sir The kind invitation I receive from you on the part of the citizens of the city … Continue reading

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New York’s Biggest Toxic Dump: The Love Canal—Six Decades Later

My article is up at The Savvy Street. It was first published in The Good Life series here and was translated into Portuguese as “O desastre ambiental do Love Canal — quatro décadas depois.”

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Video Interview with Professor Douglas Rasmussen — Transcript

Interview conducted at Rockford University by Stephen Hicks and sponsored by the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship as a part of the Profiles in Liberty series. Part I: Why did you become a philosopher? Rasmussen: I guess the reason I became … Continue reading

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O Islã precisa de uma reforma?

Muitas pessoas espertas — incluindo Thomas Friedman no The New York Times, Naser Khader no Newsweek, John Lloyd no The Jerusalem Post, Ayann Hirsi Ali no The Wall Street Journal — estão esperando que algum tipo de Reforma ocorra no … Continue reading

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St. Augustine on “Righteous Persecution”

Some quotations and brief glosses on Augustine’s views on the use of persecution and torture in order to save souls. “No salvation outside the church.” (418 CE) “[M]any must first be recalled to their Lord by the stripes of temporal … Continue reading

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Are Reason and Faith Compatible? [new Theist vs. Atheist series column]

The opening of my latest column in the Theist vs. Atheist series debate at EveryJoe: “I appreciate Mr. Wright’s opening essay and am in agreement with substantial portions of it. “If we array religions along a spectrum from most to least rational, … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand e a ética empresarial contemporânea

Stephen R. C. Hicks, Ph. D. Tradução pro Matheus Pacini e revisão por Vinicius Cintra Originally published in English as “Ayn Rand and Contemporary Business Ethics”, Journal of Accounting, Ethics & Public Policy 3:1 (2003), pp. 1-26 Introdução: negócios e … Continue reading

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