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Philosophy and a Century of War — now with Portuguese subtitles

For the video’s Portuguese subtitles, click the “Transcription” icon: Here also are the English transcription and the text of the Portuguese translation as “Filosofia e um Século de Guerra.” Much thanks to Matheus Pacini and Vinicius Cintra for their work … Continue reading

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My new weekly column “The Good Life” at EveryJoe

EveryJoe is a men’s lifestyle publication — sports, entertainment, women, and more good stuff. Beginning August 2014 I will be writing a weekly column entitled “The Good Life.” EJ is ranked in the top 10K websites in the USA and … Continue reading

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Zientkowski’s foreword to *Nietzsche and the Nazis*

Dr. Przemysław Zientkowski’s foreword to the Polish edition of my Nietzsche and the Nazis, translated into English. A PDF version is here, and the HTML version follows. Foreword to the Polish edition of Stephen Hicks’s Nietzsche and the Nazis By … Continue reading

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Cineas and the meaning of life

Pyrrhus, the great Greek general, is off to conquer the world — Italy, Sicily, Libya, Carthage, and beyond. Cineas, his eloquent adviser and ambassador, asks him: What will you do after you conquer the world? Pyrrhus answers that he will … Continue reading

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Double insult — Rousseau and the French

Hugh Trevor-Roper was known for his biting polemical style. In a youthful fellowship essay he described Rousseau’s Confessions this way: “a lucid journal of a life so utterly degraded that it has been a bestseller in France ever since.”[1] Of … Continue reading

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Two high-profile plagiarism cases — and two questions

Chris Hedges and Slavoj Žižek. First question: If you’re a leftist, is plagiarism a bad thing? Left philosophy tends to argue that “knowledge” is a social product, that individuals are products of social circumstances, what’s yours is mine, and so … Continue reading

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Kostyło on postmodern dialectic of social care

A fascinating article by a Polish philosopher, Professor Piotr Kostyło of the University of Casimir the Great. (Courtesy of the publisher, here is a PDF of Kostyło’s article.) Kostyło notes that this generation of postmodern thinkers seems to have turned … Continue reading

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Filosofia e um Século de Guerra

Filosofia e um Século de Guerra Stephen R. C. Hicks (Tradução e revisão de Matheus Pacini.) A filosofia tem uma reputação de ser abstrata e difícil: o que pode certamente ser. Ela possui, também, uma reputação por não ser prática: … Continue reading

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