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Polish translation of *Nietzsche and the Nazis* published

The Polish translation of Nietzsche and the Nazis has now officially been published by the Fundacji Fuhrmanna (Fuhrmann Foundation) as Nietzsche i naziści, moje spojrzenia. Many thanks to Dr. Przemysław Zientkowski for arranging this translation and publication. The cover was … Continue reading

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Video: TRAC 2014 art panel on Nerdrum’s Kitsch and Scruton’s Beauty

At this year’s The Representational Art Conference in Ventura, California, I participated in a panel focused on the aesthetic theories of Odd Nerdrum and Roger Scruton. My remarks are from the 42:30- to 58-minute mark or so. Also on the … Continue reading

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Artistic representation: Picasso versus Matisse

From Jack D. Flam’s Matisse and Picasso: The Story of Their Rivalry and Friendship (2003): Picasso characterized the arbitrariness of representation in his Cubist paintings as resulting from his desire for “a greater plasticity.” Rendering an object as a square … Continue reading

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Exams for my courses, Spring 2014

Ethics [pdf]. Business and Economic Ethics [pdf]. Free Speech and Censorship [pdf].

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Liberal versus gender feminism: McElroy’s *Sexual Correctness*

In my Ethics course this week, we’re discussing the arguments for and against banning pornography. One of our readings is from Wendy McElroy’s Sexual Correctness: The Gender-Feminist Attack on Women. McElroy takes up the gender-feminist arguments against porn and contrasts … Continue reading

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“What Justifies Liberal Capitalism: Are Hayek’s, Rand’s, and Friedman’s Answers Compatible?” My 2013 Atlas Summit lecture

The one-hour video of my lecture is at the Atlas Society site and at YouTube. The lecture starts at 3:40, after the introduction, and is about 45 minutes long, followed by a question-and-answer session. The sub-topics are: * 13 initial … Continue reading

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Video of Timbro launch of Explaining Postmodernism / Postmodernismens Förklaring

At the book-release event in Stockolm hosted by Timbro, my publisher, I talked about the book for about 15 minutes. Moderator Thomas Gür then asked me good questions and helped direct questions from the audience. The program is in English, … Continue reading

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Transcript of “13 arguments for liberal capitalism in 13 minutes”

With much thanks to Matheus Pacini for his work on the transcription, below is the text for my “13 arguments for liberal capitalism in 13 minutes.” The original videos are at YouTube. The graphic integration of the arguments in a … Continue reading

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