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Taking Modern Artists at Their Word [new The Good Life column]

The opening of my latest column at EveryJoe: “You may have noticed that things in the art world are a little, well, off these days. “The artists we hear most about are those like vomit girl, also known as Millie … Continue reading

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Plato on games and educating for rule-following

The Laws is Plato’s last book. Its dialogue is set in Crete and led by an Athenian who is never identified. He converses with a citizen from Sparta and a politician from Crete. The politician has been given the authority … Continue reading

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Is Life Unfair? My Challenge to the Best Tennis Player in the World [new The Good Life column]

The opening of my latest column at EveryJoe: “Let me brag a bit. In high school I was a pretty good at tennis. Now, many years later, I am an occasional weekend player who has somehow acquired the stamina (and … Continue reading

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The Richest Man in the World’s Healthcare [new "The Good Life" column]

The opening of my latest column at EveryJoe: “You might not think of yourself as wealthy. Let me prove that you are. “In 1836, the richest man in the world was Nathan Rothschild. He was 58 years old and, according … Continue reading

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When Can Professors Have Sex with Their Students? [new "The Good Life" column]

The opening of my latest column at EveryJoe: “Two sex scandals in philosophy departments have, well, scandalized the academic world recently. “One at the University of Miami in Florida led to the resignation of professor Colin McGinn. The other, at … Continue reading

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Philosophy and a Century of War — now with Portuguese subtitles

For the video’s Portuguese subtitles, click the “Transcription” icon: Here also are the English transcription and the text of the Portuguese translation as “Filosofia e um Século de Guerra.” Much thanks to Matheus Pacini and Vinicius Cintra for their work … Continue reading

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My new weekly column “The Good Life” at EveryJoe

EveryJoe is a men’s lifestyle publication — sports, entertainment, women, and more good stuff. Beginning August 2014 I will be writing a weekly column entitled “The Good Life.” EJ is ranked in the top 10K websites in the USA and … Continue reading

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Zientkowski’s foreword to *Nietzsche and the Nazis*

Dr. Przemysław Zientkowski’s foreword to the Polish edition of my Nietzsche and the Nazis, translated into English. A PDF version is here, and the HTML version follows. Foreword to the Polish edition of Stephen Hicks’s Nietzsche and the Nazis By … Continue reading

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