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Update on new debate series on Religion, True or False?

The series of back-and-forth articles debating key issues in religion will begin tomorrow, Thursday, June 11. Our online host is, and my civil and friendly debate partner is John C. Wright, who has written widely on religion and related … Continue reading

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CBC discussion of corruption and power

Tomorrow morning I’ll be on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s “The Current” radio program, which according to its website is “Canada’s Most Listened-to Radio Program.” Our topic is whether power corrupts. The journalistic context is the recent FIFA scandal, scandals in … Continue reading

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What Is Faith? Seven definitions

To reason is to integrate perceptual evidence into concepts, propositions, and theories. So what is faith? Below are seven definitions of faith. The definitions are in my words, but they are taken from my readings of William James, Søren Kierkegaard, … Continue reading

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A Russian joke about petty envy

Three recently-dead men are brought before the throne of God and told that they may each have one wish. The Briton asks for an end to war. The American asks for an end to hunger. The Russian smiles slyly and … Continue reading

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On Gladwell’s chastising Paulson

The gall of some people. Apparently Malcolm Gladwell has gone after John Paulson for giving $400 million to Harvard University. It takes a special kind of immorality to feel comfortable doing any of the following: (a) bossily telling other people … Continue reading

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Texts in Philosophy — early 2015 additions

For use in my courses, additions to my Texts in Philosophy page. All files are PDFs. “Arachne and Athena.” James Buchanan, “Public Choice: Politics without Romance,” Policy Magazine (2003). Martin Heidegger, “Reunion Speech” (1934). HTML version here. Heinrich Himmler, “Speech … Continue reading

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Heidegger’s “Reunion Speech” of 1934

[Courtesy of the translator, W. H. F. Altman, here is the text of Martin Heidegger’s speech, delivered on the occasion of a 25th anniversary reunion in Konstanz, May 26-27, 1934.] Martin Heidegger, The Reunion Speech Twenty-five Years after Our Graduation, … Continue reading

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On Hitler’s degree of intellectualism

I was struck by this reflection on the history of philosophy, made by Adolf Hitler, who read voraciously when young and especially during his prison time in the 1920s: “In the Great Hall of the Linz Library are the busts … Continue reading

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