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Nick Cohen on how PC is devouring its own

I recommend this strong piece by Nick Cohen in Standpoint magazine out of Britain, on the downward spiral of the anti-free-speech movement. Related: Three of my recent pieces on the state of free speech: * On the German decision: “Is … Continue reading

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Somos perversos demais para a liberdade?

Um antigo mito fala de um jovem pobre que encontrou um anel mágico. Seu nome era Giges. Ele era um pastor, responsável por apascentar as ovelhas do vilarejo enquanto pastavam nas colinas. Seu trabalho era solitário, mal pago, e na … Continue reading

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Kant on imagination in education

Professor Kant first delivered a series of lectures on education in 1776/77. His views were influenced by and are often congruent with those of Johann Georg Sulzer, the leading (and very scary) education theorist of the time in the German … Continue reading

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Você é capaz de viver uma sociedade livre?

Honestamente: você tem o que é preciso? Todos nós gostamos de pensar que somos mais espertos que a maioria, mas a matemática é cruel. Metade de nós está abaixo da inteligência média, e alguns de nós estão consideravelmente abaixo dela. Então, por … Continue reading

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Portuguese translation of “Ayn Rand and Contemporary Business Ethics”

“Ayn Rand e a ética empresarial contemporânea” [pdf] Stephen R. C. Hicks Tradução pro Matheus Pacini Revisão por Vinicius Cintra 2015 The original journal article in English is available as a PDF here, online at the Social Science Research Network, … Continue reading

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Wędzińska’s review of Nietzsche and the Nazis

In English, here is Magdalena Wędzińska’s review [pdf] of the Polish edition of Nietzsche and the Nazis. The review is forthcoming in Polish in Forum Oświatowe, a leading Polish education periodical. Here is more information about other editions and translations … Continue reading

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Interview on Hegel for *Culture Today* magazine, Iran

In your book Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault, you portrayed Hegel as a great force of irrationalism, whose philosophy has contributed immensely to deteriorating rather than improving the human condition. The philosophy of Hegel has been … Continue reading

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Descartes’ reaction to Galileo’s conviction

The philosopher René Descartes in 1633: “I inquired in Leiden and Amsterdam whether Galileo’s World System was available, for I thought I’d heard that it was published in Italy last year. I was told that it had indeed been published … Continue reading

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