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Video Interview with John Chisholm — Transcript

Interview conducted at Rockford University by Stephen Hicks and sponsored by the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship. Hicks: Our guest today is John Chisholm. John is a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, now based in San Francisco, involved in a … Continue reading

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Quoted in Wall Street Journal article on entrepreneurial satisfaction

I’m quoted in this WSJ article by Charlie Wells on entrepreneurial satisfaction. The context is the difference between entrepreneurs of opportunity and entrepreneurs of necessity. Here’s a link to the online version. The article also ran in the US print … Continue reading

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*Virtues in Entrepreneurship* anthology published by Ratio Institute

My essay “Virtue, Entrepreneurial Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility” has been published in Virtue in Entrepreneurship, edited by Nils Karlson, Mikolaj Norek, and Karl Wennberg (Stockholm: Ratio Institute, 2015). Other contributors include Deirdre McCloskey, Eugene Heath, Art Carden, Lynette Osiemo, … Continue reading

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How Can We Make Entrepreneurs? *Steve Jobs and Philosophy*

Here is the PDF of my chapter “How Can We Make Entrepreneurs?”, which was published in Shawn Klein’s edited volume Steve Jobs and Philosophy (Open Court, 2015), pp. 53-66. Click on the image at left to see a larger view … Continue reading

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Shawn Klein’s *Steve Jobs and Philosophy*

A new book is forthcoming this spring: Steve Jobs and Philosophy. The editor is Shawn E. Klein, a professor of philosophy at Rockford University. He has assembled sixteen essays on Steve Jobs’s impact. Klein’s summary: “Jobs was an outstanding achiever … Continue reading

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My Kaizen interview with Argentine entrepreneur Billy Yeatts

This interview could be subtitled Entrepreneurship from Buenos Aires to Tierra del Fuego to Houston and Bolivia and more. Guillermo “Billy” Yeatts has had a colorful career, first working as an analyst for Citibank in New York and an executive … Continue reading

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Educando para o empreendedorismo

Educando para o empreendedorismo Stephen R. C. Hicks Departamento de Filosofia e Centro para a Ética e Empreendedorismo Rockford University, Rockford, Illinois, USA Tradução de Matheus Pacini. Introdução – visita de japoneses às escolas americanas Recentemente, um grupo de pesquisadores … Continue reading

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Latin American entrepreneurship: five Kaizen interviews

At the CEE site, a collection of five extended interviews (and one forthcoming) with leading entrepreneurs in Latin America covering the business areas of construction, agriculture, logistics, education, aluminum, and oil and gas.

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