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When Can Professors Have Sex with Their Students? [new "The Good Life" column]

The opening of my latest column at EveryJoe: “Two sex scandals in philosophy departments have, well, scandalized the academic world recently. “One at the University of Miami in Florida led to the resignation of professor Colin McGinn. The other, at … Continue reading

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Educating for Entrepreneurship — working paper

The text is below and in PDF format. It’s also forthcoming in Polish in the education journal Przegląd Pedagogiczny. Educating for Entrepreneurship (Working Paper, June 2014) Stephen R.C. Hicks Department of Philosophy and Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship Rockford University … Continue reading

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Two fine commencement addresses: Bloomberg and McRaven

Michael R. Bloomberg’s “Don’t Major in Intolerance.” Delivered at Harvard University. (Via Z.C.) William H. McRaven’s “Life Lessons From Navy SEAL Training.” Delivered at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Montaigne on educating for independence

“If he [the student] embraces the opinions of Xenophon and Plato by his own reasoning, they will no longer be theirs but his. Who follows another follows nothing. He finds nothing, and indeed is seeking nothing. ‘We are not under … Continue reading

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Two upcoming talks at University of Casimir the Great

I will be visiting the University of Casimir the Great in Bydgoszcz, Poland, to give two education-related talks: Thursday, May 15: Educating for Entrepreneurship. Friday, May 16: Doctoral Seminar on The Question of Education and Postmodern Thought. Many thanks to … Continue reading

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Real education — Woodward versus Brandeis and Azusa Pacific universities

In the wake of a recent wave of controversial thinkers being disinvited* from universities, here is a classic quotation from Yale historian C. Vann Woodward on true education: “The purpose of the university is not to make its members feel … Continue reading

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Wellesley sculpture protests are not feminist

Tony Martelli’s The Sleepwalker has generated a large number of protests about its patriarchal nature. Journalists at Slate and The Wall Street Journal have more coverage. Students at Wellesley College have complained about how the statue triggers in them fears … Continue reading

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The Innovator’s DNA — and Montessori education

Hal Gregersen, co-author of The Innovator’s DNA (Harvard Business Review Press, 2011), identifies the often-shared traits of innovators, but then makes this striking point about how the innovative became innovative: “‘It’s fascinating when we interview these famous entrepreneurs to realise … Continue reading

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