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Update: my publications in Education

I’ve updated the Education page to include recent publications, lectures, and posts.

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PanAm Post interview by Belén Marty — Spanish, Portuguese, and English versions

In Buenos Aires, I was interviewed by journalist Belén Marty for the PanAm Post. The theme was populism, postmodernism, and politics, as captured in the title “Populism Succeeds Where Education Fails.” Here are the interview’s original Spanish and English versions, … Continue reading

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Educating dogs and children

Amusing. If we substitute the words “Sit, Stay, Do what we say” in the cartoon, then how close are we to much current and traditional education? For some alternative models of education that emphasize choice, movement, and exploration: * The … Continue reading

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Campus Sex and the Anti-Sexiness of the New Authoritarians [new The Good Life column]

The opening of my latest column at EveryJoe: “Rape is among the most horrific of crimes. Sex should be a fun and beautiful thing – but rape takes that most personal of experiences and turns it into a degradation. “There … Continue reading

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Plato on games and educating for rule-following

The Laws is Plato’s last book. Its dialogue is set in Crete and led by an Athenian who is never identified. He converses with a citizen from Sparta and a politician from Crete. The politician has been given the authority … Continue reading

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When Can Professors Have Sex with Their Students? [new “The Good Life” column]

The opening of my latest column at EveryJoe: “Two sex scandals in philosophy departments have, well, scandalized the academic world recently. “One at the University of Miami in Florida led to the resignation of professor Colin McGinn. The other, at … Continue reading

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Educating for Entrepreneurship — working paper

The text is below and in PDF format. It’s also forthcoming in Polish in the education journal Przegląd Pedagogiczny. Educating for Entrepreneurship (Working Paper, June 2014) Stephen R.C. Hicks Department of Philosophy and Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship Rockford University … Continue reading

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Two fine commencement addresses: Bloomberg and McRaven

Michael R. Bloomberg’s “Don’t Major in Intolerance.” Delivered at Harvard University. (Via Z.C.) William H. McRaven’s “Life Lessons From Navy SEAL Training.” Delivered at the University of Texas at Austin.

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