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Does schooling reduce crime?

A standard argument for mandatory schooling is that it reduces crime. Behind that argument are claims that formal education civilizes and/or that schooling gets kids off the streets where they otherwise might be. That is to say, in economics-speak, that … Continue reading

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Kostyło on school failure’s independence of political change

A interesting and disturbing article by Professor Piotr Kostyło on “School failure and its interpretations” [pdf], published in Kultura Pedagogiczna out of the University of Warsaw. Kostyło is a professor of philosophy of education at the University of Kazimierz Wielki. … Continue reading

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Driver’s education and the government-schooling debates

In preparation for a conference, I’m re-reading E. G. West’s classic Education and the State, which plunges into the current and historical debates over private and government education. Suppose, for the sake of argument, that we grant that the government … Continue reading

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Updated: Classic Readings in Philosophy of Education

To accompany my Philosophy of Education course lectures on video, here are readings from key philosophers. Idealism: Plato (the Allegory of the Cave from Republic) and Immanuel Kant (from On Education). Realism: Aristotle (from Politics) and John Locke (from Some … Continue reading

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Update: my publications in Education

I’ve updated the Education page to include recent publications, lectures, and posts.

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PanAm Post interview by Belén Marty — Spanish, Portuguese, and English versions

In Buenos Aires, I was interviewed by journalist Belén Marty for the PanAm Post. The theme was populism, postmodernism, and politics, as captured in the title “Populism Succeeds Where Education Fails.” Here are the interview’s original Spanish and English versions, … Continue reading

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Educating dogs and children

Amusing. If we substitute the words “Sit, Stay, Do what we say” in the cartoon, then how close are we to much current and traditional education? For some alternative models of education that emphasize choice, movement, and exploration: * The … Continue reading

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Campus Sex and the Anti-Sexiness of the New Authoritarians [new The Good Life column]

The opening of my latest column at EveryJoe: “Rape is among the most horrific of crimes. Sex should be a fun and beautiful thing – but rape takes that most personal of experiences and turns it into a degradation. “There … Continue reading

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