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burpee-nightIn my capacity as Executive Director of CEE, I interview several of our expert guest speakers. We began the video-interview series at the beginning of the 2008-2009 academic year.

Dr. David Henderson on seven myths of free markets.

Dr. Al Gini on leadership.

Entrepreneurs Michael Strong and Magatte Wade.

Dr. Douglas Rasmussen on Philippa Foot’s ethical theory.

Attorney Jeff Orduno on the law and property rights.

Dr. William Kline on David Hume’s ethical theory.

Dr. William Kline on market-based business ethics.

Dr. Joshua Hall, interviewed by Anja Hartleb-Parson, on The Dilemma of School Finance Reform.

Dr. Jerry Kirkpatrick on his book In Defense of Advertising.

Dr. Jerry Kirkpatrick on Montessori and Dewey as educational philosophers.

Dr. Jerry Kirkpatrick on the importance of philosophy to business.

Attorney Timothy Sandefur on market entrepreneurs, political entrepreneurs, and the American legal and political landscape.

Dr. David N. Mayer on Thomas Jefferson.

Dr. C. Bradley Thompson on founding father John Adams.

Dr. David Mayer on Freedom’s Constitution, his forthcoming book on U.S. Constitutional interpretation.

Dr. C. Bradley Thompson on his forthcoming book on Leo Strauss and the neo-conservatives.

Dr. Steven Horwitz on Wal-Mart’s response to Hurricane Katrina.

Dr. Emily Chamlee-Wright on New Orleans’ non-profit sector’s response to Hurricane Katrina.

Dr. Terry Noel on the virtuous entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Anil Singh-Molares on entrepreneurship, the liberal arts, and the global marketplace.

The videos are also available at the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship’s site. CEE’s Christopher Vaughan shoots and edits the interviews.

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