Postmodernism is *part* of the Western canon: interviewed by Jordan Alexander Hill

From Jordan Hill’s introduction to our one-hour podcast:

“I’d like to introduce our next guest, one of my favorite living philosophers and the author of the great book *Explaining Postmodernism*. In Episode One of this podcast, we talked about postmodernism as an antagonist to the project of liberalism and Western civilization. My next guest, Stephen Hicks—while he’s a strident critic of postmodernism—claims that it is actually part of the Western Canon and the Western literary tradition. Postmodernism is part of the great conversation. …”

The topics:
1. Defining postmodernism.
2. Who are the major players, and what do they believe?
3. How have postmodern ideologies transformed the humanities?
4. Postmodernism’s anti-Western ethos. Its rejection of the Western Canon.
5. Postmodernism’s rejection of realism and science: What will postmodernism replace science with?
6. Nietzsche and postmodernism: How have the postmodernists co-opted Nietzsche? Does the postmodern appropriation of Nietzsche make sense? What would Nietzsche say?
7. Is postmodernism nihilistic?

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