Ten topics in applied Objectivism — interviewed by Mark Michael Lewis

Interviewer Mark Michael Lewis and I had an extended conversation about philosophy and its applications to education, business ethics, postmodernism, and entrepreneurship. The ten topics:

1. How I first read Rand and Mises [1:44 minutes]
2. Why one should always take arguments at their best [10:15]
3. Why many philosophers are politically left [16:00]
4. How Objectivism is an outlier philosophy [19:00]
5. Third-generation postmodernism and the weaponry of affirmative action [25:00]
6. Pronoun wars and Professor Jordan Peterson [35:00]
7. Value-creators and why they matter [48:00]
8. Success traits of an entrepreneur [56:00]
9. Being the entrepreneur of your own life [1:02:00]
10. The choice to make your work beautiful [1:07:00]

The split-screen live-recorded interview is below or at YouTube.

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