The population evils of capitalism

[In preparation for a conference, I’m reading a lot about population, ethics, and economics. Extrapolating from my readings, I offer the following arguments.]

1. Capitalism is about greed. It encourages women to be greedy too. So women will pursue careers and forego family. Hence capitalism causes population decreases.

2. Capitalism is about consumerism, so people consume more food and medical care and are healthier. So pregnant women have more successful pregnancies. Hence capitalism causes population increases.

3. Capitalism is about technological control. So it generates new technologies of pregnancy prevention — cheap condoms, the Pill, and so on. Hence, capitalism causes population decreases.

4. Capitalism is about profit. So capitalists will overtly and covertly encourage policies that generate more customers to profit from. Hence, capitalism causes population increases.

5. Capitalism is about the control of resources. But conflicts over the control of resources cause war, and war kills a lot of people. Hence, capitalism causes population decreases.

6. Capitalism is about unquestioned faith in economic growth. And economic growth increases wealth, which enables the support of more people. So capitalism causes population increases.

7. Capitalism is about competition. But competition causes a downward spiral of dog-eat-dog viciousness and anti-social behavior. Yet sex and family are, by definition, social. Hence capitalism causes population decreases.

8. Capitalism is about selfishness. Selfish people want to live as long as they can, even if they are no longer producing for the good of society. And capitalist private wealth and medical technologies allow the extension of human life beyond its natural limits. Hence capitalism causes population increases.

9. Capitalism is about competition. Psychologically, competition instills a keeping-up-with-the Joneses mentality. But keeping up with the Joneses is expensive, leaving fewer resources available for child-rearing. So capitalism causes population decreases.

10. Capitalism is about free choices of individuals. So capitalism teaches people to ignore the social benefit and focus on themselves. So the number of children will vary depending on fads and fancies, not upon rational social planning. Hence capitalism causes sub-optimal population sizes.


“Dr. Franz Hamburger and the Nazi collectivizing of reproduction.”
“Collectivizing sex — Alexandra Kollontai’s communist version.”

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