Immanual Kant versus Liberalism — my three Cato articles collected

Here are my three collected posts in the Cato Unbound series:

Does Kant Have a Place in Classical Liberalism?

How Kant’s political views are a mix of liberal and anti-liberal claims, but, more importantly, how his fundamental distinction between noumenal and phenomenal selves means that philosophically he has no defense of practical liberalism.

Kant versus Classical Liberal Justice

How Kant’s argument that charity is a duty to rectify past injustices, from his Lecture on Ethics, undercuts economic liberalism’s understanding of property rights and justice.

Kant, “Kant,” and White on Method

Why one must always interpret a systematic philosopher’s normative conclusions in the context of his or her broader philosophy, and as a result why many Kantian ethicists are actually “Kantian” ethicists.
See also the October 2016 page for Cato Unbound, edited by Jason Kuznicki, for posts and comments by philosophers Mark White, Greg Salmieri, Rod Long, and Douglas Rasmussen.

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