“University should teach you to make nuanced judgments”

Reposting for the new academic year:

“University should teach you to make nuanced judgments. If you think there are only your views, and everyone else is Hitler, that’s a problem with you. You’re not an educated mind yet.”

From my interview in Toronto’s Metro Canada newspaper’s “Defining Free Speech on Campus,” (page 9) as one of three perspectives on the current suppression/censorship versus tolerance/liberalism antagonisms.

The other two participants are Denio Lourenco (University of Toronto) and Zachary Strong (McMaster University), who take opposite stances on the University of Toronto’s Jordan Peterson. Metro reporter Genna Buck did the interviews and compiled the published excerpts.

Related: My discussion with Jordan B. Peterson on the history and diagnosing of postmodernism.

One thought on ““University should teach you to make nuanced judgments”

  • August 26, 2017 at 1:47 pm

    Beautiful. And beautifully concise.

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