Entrepreneurial Education Conference at Rockford University

The Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship is hosting a conference March 31-April 1 on Entrepreneurial Education.


T. K. Coleman (Praxis)
María Marty (Fundación para la Responsabilidad Intelectual)
Nicholas Capaldi (Loyola University New Orleans)
Kevin Currie-Knight (East Carolina University) 
Marsha Familaro Enright (The Great Connections Seminars) 
Terry Noel (Illinois State University) 
Jed Hopkins (Edgewood College) 
Amy Willis (Liberty Fund)
Peggy O’Neil (University of Western Ontario)
Stephen Hicks (Rockford University)

Free Registration here. (Refreshments included.)

Conference Theme

On the Entrepreneurial side of the phrase: We live in entrepreneurial times. From the work demand side, there is increasing proportion of employment within entrepreneurial firms and a slow upward trend in the number of startups. From the work-supply side, younger people of this generation express higher levels of aspiration to start their own businesses or to work within entrepreneurial firms. Increasing globalization and liberalization also mean that the entrepreneurial trends are not only regional or national.

On the Education side: How can we best help younger people become entrepreneurial—either to prepare them for creating their own businesses, or to be entrepreneurial within existing firms, or as freelancing artists, writers, and musicians? If the traditional model of education—students sitting in straight rows of desks and all doing the same work at the same time following the directions of an authority figure—does not prepare students for entrepreneurism, then what should we replace it with?

We also live in a time of dissatisfaction with the dominant forms of education, with many complaints about stagnant or declining outcomes, bureaucratization, demoralization and worse, especially in poorer neighborhoods.

And we live in times of disruptive education technologies—from simple email and online chat to pre-packaged podcasts and video series to robust online MOOCs and more.

Apple-Lightbulb-cutoutPutting all of the above together, how do we answer this question: What should entrepreneurial education look like?

More Information

Free Registration here.

Here is a PDF of the conference poster containing the conference schedule.

This conference is made possible in part by support from the John Templeton Foundation and the Institute for Humane Studies. Thank you also to Jennifer Harrolle for her hard work in organizing this conference.

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