Where women first got the vote and when

When women got the vote fully at the national level:

1893 New Zealand
1902 Australia
1906 Finland
1913 Norway
1915 Denmark
1917 Canada
1918 Austria, Germany, Poland, Russia
1919 Netherlands
1920 United States
1921 Sweden
1928 Britain, Ireland

All other countries: Granted later or not yet granted.

Note: Six of the fifteen are British or former British colonies; the other nine are northern European. (Also worth mentioning are Pitcairn Islands (1838), Isle of Man (1881), and Cook Islands (1893), also with British political origins.)

It’s also worth noting the first six countries to grant all adult males the right to vote:

1792-1875 France
1848 Switzerland
1857-58 Self-governing colonies of Australia
1864 Greece
1868 United States
1879 New Zealand

Source: Wikipedia.

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