The Sexual One Percent

The Sexual One Percent

We have a fairness problem in the United States: The pleasures of sex are very unequally distributed across the population.

Data from scholarly publications reveal the following:

sex* Artists self-report having sex 2.3 times as often as non-artists.
* Gay males have significantly more sex than heterosexual males.
* Regular church-goers, especially Catholics and Protestants, have 40% less sex than non-Christians and agnostics.
* Those in their 20s report more sexual activity than either teenagers or those in their 30s, all of whom report more sex than those in their later decades.

When we divide the estimated number of sexual encounters per year in the USA by the population, a startling pattern appears: The most sexually active are agnostic gay male artists in their 20s.

Yet those individuals make up less than 1% of the American population.

Deep thinkers: Please craft policies to solve this pressing problem of unfair access.

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