Texts in Philosophy — summer 2016 additions

know-thyself-1024x436For use in my courses, additions to my Texts in Philosophy page.

James M. Buchanan, Jr., “Saving the Soul of Classical Liberalism” (2000).

Irving Howe, “The Culture of Modernism” (1967).

William James, “The Moral Equivalent of War” (1906).

Sergey Nechayev, The Revolutionary Catechism (1869).

Jean-Paul Sartre, “Intentionality: A Fundamental Idea of Husserl’s Phenomenology” (1939).

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, “Speech to Women’s Suffrage Convention, Washington, D.C.” (1868) [HTML].

And …

Stephen Hicks, “Would Immortality Be Worth It?” (1992).

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