Can the Existence of God be Proven (or At Least Be Made a Reasonable Hypothesis)? [new Theist vs. Atheist series column]

The opening of John C. Wright’s latest column in the Theist vs. Atheist series debate at EveryJoe:

“This column needs must be thrice the normal length, for I must answer two columns by Mr. Hicks, and address the subject matter of this week’s question.

“First things first:

“There is nothing in the opening salvo of Mr. Hicks that need be controverted because he has said nothing controversial.

“He has offered that it is not impolite or untoward to discuss religion; and so it is not, when it is kept at the level of polite conversation. Mr. Hicks has offered some parenting advice that children should not be indoctrinated. I am not sure what he means by this word, but from the context it seems he means taught to recite rather than understand their parents’ beliefs. If so, I agree wholly.

“By this definition, ‘indoctrinating’ children would mean that the children are not be properly catechized, hence not properly prepared to face skeptical questions against their beliefs (be those theist or atheist beliefs). If so, then we all agree children should be properly catechized rather than being indoctrinated …” [Read more here.]


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