“What Justifies Liberal Capitalism: Are Hayek’s, Rand’s, and Friedman’s Answers Compatible?” My 2013 Atlas Summit lecture

The one-hour video of my lecture is at the Atlas Society site and at YouTube. The lecture starts at 3:40, after the introduction, and is about 45 minutes long, followed by a question-and-answer session. The sub-topics are:
* 13 initial arguments for liberal capitalism.
* Some quotations from Mises, Schumpeter, Jouvenel, Smith, Hayek, Mill, Rand, Locke, and Friedman.
* Two puzzles about justifying capitalism:
* (a) Deontology or consequentialism — e.g., is Rand a deontologist?
* (b) Individualism and collectivism — e.g., do Mises, Hayek, and Friedman see individuals only as a means to social ends?
* Solving the two puzzles.

Transcript of “13 arguments for liberal capitalism in 13 minutes.”
The program for the 2014 Atlas Summit in New Hampshire, where I’ll be speaking on “Corruption in Business: Does Regulation Lessen or Increase It?”

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