Objectivism and philosophy of education

apple-132x75My 2.5 hour video lecture on Objectivism, including its relation to Montessori education. The lecture is Part 12 of my Philosophy of Education course. Other “isms” in the series include Pragmatism, Behaviorism, Idealism, Realism, Existentialism, Marxism, and Postmodernism.



     Rand's entrepreneurial philosophy

Value philosophy — Romanticism, Liberalism, Egoism:

     The Romantic sense of life
     Liberal politics
     Rational self-interest

Metaphysics and Epistemology:

     "The Primacy of Existence"
     Consciousness as Relational 
     Cognitive tabula rasa
     Francis Bacon's “Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed” 

Human nature:

     Mind/body integration, volition, reason and emotion, tabula rasa morally

Ethics and social philosophy:

     Individualism: self-responsible living and the virtues
     Egoism versus the false alternative of altruism or predation 
     Optimism: philosophy and history

Ayn Rand on education:

     The purpose of education
     Howard Roark’s expulsion as example
     Critique of mainstream education
     Rand on Montessori

Montessori education:

     Montessori practices and principles
     The compatibility of Objectivist philosophy and Montessori education

[Further reading: Ayn Rand, “The Comprachicos” (at ebookbrowse.net). Quotations from Rand on philosophy and education (pdf). Quotations from Maria Montessori on education (pdf). Montessori Education page.]
View all of Part 12 at YouTube.

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