Explaining Nazism Philosophically [N&N audiobook]

Part 2 of the audiobook version of my Nietzsche and the Nazis: A Personal View.

Part 2. Explaining Nazism Philosophically [mp3] [YouTube] [17 minutes]

nn-part-2-audio3. How could Nazism happen? [mp3] [YouTube]
4. Five weak explanations for National Socialism [mp3] [YouTube]
5. Explaining Nazism Philosophically [mp3] [YouTube]


Part 3. National Socialist Philosophy
Part 4. The Nazis in Power
Part 5. Nietzsche’s Life and Influence
vitruvian-manPart 6. Nietzsche against the Nazis
Part 7. Nietzsche as a Proto-Nazi
Part 8. Conclusion: Nazi and Anti-Nazi Philosophies


Part 1. Introduction: Philosophy and History [mp3] [YouTube]

The Nietzsche and the Nazis page for information about the documentary and book versions.

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