Eric Hobsbawm is dead

A quotation about this academic, who lived a long, comfortable life in England justifying the theory and practice of communism.

hobsbawm“In 1994, he shocked readers of the Times Literary Supplement when, in an interview with Michael Ignatieff, he said that the deaths of millions of Soviet citizens under Stalin, although ‘probably excessive,’ would have been worth it if a genuine Communist society had been the result.”

Sixty million killed in the Soviet Union alone. Hundreds of millions of lives made miserable there.

Probably that was excessive? And it would have been worth it if Hobsbawm’s political ideas had resulted?

Who is more evil — killers, or those who enable and justify the killings?

New York Times, “Eric J. Hobsbawm, Historian With a Communist Resolve, Dies at 95.”
Photo: Roland Schlager/European Pressphoto Agency.
Thanks to R.M. for the link.
Update: Michael Moynihan, “How a True Believer Keeps Faith”, The Wall Street Journal, August 20, 2011. And A. N. Wilson, “He hated Britain and excused Stalin’s genocide. But was he a traitor too?” Daily Mail (UK), October 3, 2012.

12 thoughts on “Eric Hobsbawm is dead

  • October 8, 2012 at 8:35 am

    I can’t resist, but please do write me offline, should we share interests. Are you a close friend of Stephen Hicks, that paragon? I think he’s my cousin.

    Have you noticed that most left wing people, Stalin, Mao, Freud, whomever, are physically ugly and often deformed? The ancient Greeks believed that people who were beautiful to look at, like Alcibiades, were also gifted cranially. Socrates made fun of this as he was unusually ugly, but most “quality” people look, and think, beautiful. The Greek word “kallos” means “good” and “beautiful.” In the Hebrew Book of Genesis, “God looked at his work and saw that it was good.” Antiquity was not so genetically mixed and corrupted as today. Check out the ancestry of Hobsbawm on Wikipedia, you’ll find it none too distinguished. Who knows his real cognomen?

    To support the ancient Greek theory, you could take examples like Professor Hicks, or myself — both brilliant, handsome, virile, raging red-blooded he-men, that women cannot resist — but I exaggerate.


  • March 23, 2013 at 11:20 am

    For the record re my remark above: “Marxism advocated the interests of a class, Zionists of a tribe and/or religion. I find it hard to see the commonalities.”

    In fact there are strong commonalities. I believe more than one (Rand, Mises?) noted that Marx treated classes as tribes governed by irreconcilable interests that could be resolved only by conflict, war, oppression and extermination – as Mises pointed out, an ancient modus operandi.

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