Three more anti-free-market arguments (UFM seminar)

In this third Socratic seminar on the Best Arguments against Free-market Capitalism, we take up three arguments:
nudgea) the paternalist argument that human beings are incapable of living freely,
b) the collectivist argument that wealth is a social creation (at 11 minutes), and
c) the religious argument that value is not of this world (at 32 minutes).

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II. Philosophy and the Evolution of the Mixed Economy.
III. Socratic seminars on the Best Arguments against Free-Market Capitalism:
1. “Capitalism is dog-eat-dog.”
2. “We live in a world of scarce resources.”
3. “Humans are too depraved for freedom” (at 23 minutes).
4. “Humans are too incompetent for freedom.”
5. “Wealth is a social creation” (at 11 minutes).
6. “Value is not of this world” (at 32 minutes).
IV. Interview: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.
Post: “Elizabeth Warren and the doulos.”

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