Seminar on entrepreneurial ethics

During my visit to Francisco Marroquín University, I led a one-hour seminar on entrepreneurial ethics. Subtopics:

* Three moral types: Carly, Tonya, and Jane.
* Six questions in ethics.
* Egoism, Altruism, and Predation.
* Entrepreneurial ethics: entrepreneurial success and virtue.
* Why hasn’t the case for liberty convinced everyone?
* Entrepreneurial ethics in contrast to historical codes: hunter-gatherer, aristocratic, and monkish.

Related: What Business Ethics Can Learn From Entrepreneurship[at SSRN].

Coming soon: Video of my UFM seminar “Philosophy and the Evolution of the Mixed Economy.”

2 thoughts on “Seminar on entrepreneurial ethics

  • December 6, 2011 at 1:58 am

    Terrific. I like your connection of the entrepreneurial traits and moral traits. I found the historical analysis enlightening as well.

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