New state motto for Illinois

illinoisThis year’s ranking of Illinois among the worst states for business and the retrial of Rod Blagojevich for corruption — meaning he could become the fourth Illinois governor in recent years to go to prison — have inspired the following update:

Illinois: Where governors go to jail and business can go to hell.

Just a suggestion.

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4 Responses to New state motto for Illinois

  1. Lester Hunt says:

    Wisconsin: Where public service collective bargaining is a natural right.

    Not as snappy, I know.

  2. So should I move to Wisconsin or stay in Illinois. I’m so torn …

  3. Steve Butterbaugh says:

    You might try another of your neighbors, Indiana. By this ranking, it’s the 3rd freest state.

  4. Clint McGregor says:

    Very interesting sites. But I think the purpose of state mottos is to convince people to come to the state. So I offer my own suggestion.

    Illinois: At least it can’t get any worse.

    Not saying anything, just throwing it out there.

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