Kindle version of my “Free Speech & Postmodernism” essay

… is now available at Amazon.

fsp-kindleHere is my theme: “The liberal case for free speech won out in the modern world, but it has been under strong attack in the past generation. The attacks have come not only from traditional conservatives but increasingly from the postmodern left. In this essay, Stephen Hicks presents and dissects the philosophical arguments made by the postmoderns for speech restrictions and responds with a vigorous and updated liberal case for free speech.”

The essay can also be read in Korean translation [pdf], in German translation [pdf], and as a 26-page monograph edition at Amazon.

An earlier version of the essay was published as 02navigator_50x65“Free Speech and Postmodernism: Why Group Warfare Has Replaced Academic Debate” in Navigator magazine in 2002.

One thought on “Kindle version of my “Free Speech & Postmodernism” essay

  • November 26, 2010 at 11:54 pm


    This is the first article of yours that I have read and I was gladdened by the terseness and the lucidity of your writing. It stimulated me to download your book–Explaining Postmodernism, which I am finding to be a page turner and hard to put down. I had not realized that there was a common philosophy behind so many disparate political positions. It makes a lot of sense now–not postmodernism itself–but why the postmoderns believe what they believe.

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