— Kevin O’Connor’s latest

Check out, which allows you to compare all sorts of things. The Internet gives you access to indefinite amounts of information, but how does one sort the relevant from the irrelevant?

oconnor-webThe site is co-founded by Internet entrepreneur Kevin O’Connor, who was co-founder of the very successful O’Connor describes the thinking that led to the development of

“I could find endless amounts of information on any subject but when I had a complicated decision to make, I found myself wasting hours, or even days, compiling information I could compare. Or, I found sites offering their ‘top 10’ recommendations, only to discover they were secretly getting ‘kickbacks’ from the sites they were recommending.”

Last year I interviewed O’Connor for Kaizen on the theme of Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital. Well worth reading.

Update: A short interview here with O’Connor about his new comparison engine (not search engine).