Interview with John Chisholm

My full interview with software entrepreneur John Chisholm is now online at CEE’s site. An abridged version of the interview was published in the April issue of Kaizen [pdf].

chisholm-thumbThe interview’s theme is Entrepreneurship and Customer Satisfaction. Two sample excerpts, the first on what’s best about being an entrepreneur:

“Creating something of value out of nothing, and the camaraderie of fellow team members. Two milestones in a start-up’s life are particularly exciting: 1) when you realize that even if you disappeared today, the company has enough momentum and people committed to it that it will continue without you; and 2) when you realize that it has genuine value and others want to acquire it.”

And the second on the CEO’s role in fostering healthy corporate culture:

k12-cover-100“I don’t think a CEO can control culture directly, but he or she hugely influences it. Culture emerges from how people treat each other and how decisions are made. The CEO’s behavior is critical, because people look to that example and copy it. Genuinely believing that people are important is necessary for any organization’s success. If you do, people will recognize, appreciate and respond to it; if you don’t, they will recognize and resent it. You cannot fake it.”

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