Dueling billboards, Oklahoma style

Just back from a trip that took me to Texas and Oklahoma.

warning-185x150I saw this sign along a highway a little across the OK border.

“Steve,” the sign said to me, “you’re not in Illinois anymore.” So I took a tourist memento picture.

It turns out that they are not worried about what weirdos might do with waffles and whipped cream at the Best Western. For as one turns to face the other way, this sign appears in the near distance.

christies-close-219x100Closer, we can see that it’s a sign for Christie’s Toy Box. You know, that Christie’s.

As you turn off the highway, the choice is yours: righteous Warning on the right or Christie’s delights on the left. And the debate goes on, played out in Sooner signage.

(Do note that Christie’s isn’t open until noon Sundays, so as not to interfere with any plans you might have for Sunday morning. Very considerate.)

One thought on “Dueling billboards, Oklahoma style

  • March 18, 2010 at 7:01 pm

    Those competing signs display for us the fake moral goodness of killjoy religion and the fiction of god vs. physical pleasure and honest commerce. It’s clear which side SHOULD win. But nowadays it doesn’t. Seems to defy all logic…

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