Angst, the void, and cuisine

Jean-Paul Sartre’s culinary treatise. (Thanks to Terry for the link.)

nietzsche_50x57 And from the archives, the little-known writings of dietician Friedrich Nietzsche: Eat dangerously! Apparently “Fat Is Dead is selling briskly, as are the accompanying recipe pamphlets Beyond Food And Evil and Human, All Too Fat A Human.” (Thanks to Chris for the link.)

I anticipate that the next works in the series will be Twinkies of the Idols and ruminations on Gouda is Dead.

But I always thought that Philosophy was a drinking sport.

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  1. Rafe says:

    Tyler Cowen takes food seriously, and he produced an ethnic eating guide to his part of the US. He also has a strong line of publications on economics and the arts.
    Sounds like a great guy to eat with!

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